Another reason that I got interested in Japan was the music! In this post, I would like to share with you some Japanese artists that I enjoy. I tried to include some different genres so you can hear a variety of songs from Japan! Without further ado, here are some of my favorites.



My favorite singer ever, here is Sekihan and his band SEKI-ROMA. SEKI-ROMA does hard rock and metal, but as a solo artist Sekihan does a very wide variety of music. Here is video from his concert DVD that I have. This song is also produced by Utsu-P, another artist I mentioned on my first post that is my favorite producer!

This video is super cute, and the song actually has a really good story, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it with English subs. Either way, a good song.




GOATBED is a techno duo known for the lead singer’s very unique vocals. The music is great and can be very upbeat or relaxing.




FEMM is another Japanese duo, but this time two girls! The concept for their band is that they are mannequins so they act like that during fan meets. Their videos are all very unique and I love their songs! Their songs are actually sung in English for the most part.




Piko is a solo artist that is actually good friends with Sekihan and they have done many performances together. He is known for his very feminine voice and looks.




Ah Babymetal. These three cuties are the metal queens, and are growing in popularity because of metal fans in America! Just look at how big their crowd is!


And there you have it! I’m not saying that all music in Japan is like these artists, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites that I would think many people have not heard of before. As always, send me a message if you have any other questions!


Sources for the pictures used in this post are in my first post.


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