More Thoughts from Japan

I have another interview as promised, this time from my friend Shoichi! Shoichi is from Tokyo, Japan. I was not able to interview him in person like I did with Natsuki so he graciously typed up his answers and sent them to me. Here are his thoughts!

What has been the hardest thing about moving to America?

English skills. Most of Japanese are struggling with English even though they have studied it for 10 years.


What is the most different thing about America (in comparison to Japan?)

Personality. Americans are more outgoing, talkative, and active then Japanese


What is the hardest thing about English?

Speaking. Japanese has a different accent and the grammar style that makes speaking English more difficult.


What is something that is normal in America but rude/different/unheard of in Japan?

Saying “Hello” with eye contact when you meet anyone, even strangers. In Japan, it is so weird and sometimes rude. Especially, staring stranger’s eyes is very rude and that looks [like you want to pick] a fight.


What is something that is normal in Japan but rude/different/unheard of in America?

Start to eat at the same time (We eat food when everyone sits down and is ready)


What was something you had to change about yourself or adjust to once you got to America?

Say “Hello” to everyone (It is so weird in Japan).


What is something you would tell people who are going to move to Japan?

[Be] ready to try to speak Japanese. Many Japanese are happy to see foreign people speaking Japanese even though it has many errors, and they are willing to help you if you have any troubles.


What would you tell someone to bring from Japan if they are moving to America for the first time?

Japanese food.






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